Tango from the Heart

Instructional DVD

Volume 1, 2 and 3 in one DVD – more than 4 hours of material !!

Main Features

Level I: 9 classes (80 min.)
Level II: 8 classes (70 min.)
Level III: 8 classes (80 min.)

DVD Extras

Interactive menus and acces to each class.
Comments on dancing at milongas & Images of B.A.
2 videoclips of Musamistonga orchestra.
And much more!

“This is an excellent DVD for those wishing to learn to dance Tango properly. Agustina & Claudio concentrate on providing the necessary information, in a concise and clear manner, to enable the student to eventually dance with complete confidence in the milongas of the world.

The system of lessons provided on this DVD are an excellent preparation for those interested in learning how to navigate smoothly on a crowded dancefloor, as well as those who wish to be challenged by demanding figures.

To enjoy dancing in the milongas of Buenos Aires it is necessary to understand the codigas – the codes – that abound there; how to invite a lady to dance and how to accept an invitation from a man being just two of them. This is the first instructional DVD that we have seen that covers this most important aspect of dancing tango in Buenos Aires.

Agustina & Claudio have been praised for their ease of teaching style and attention to detail in a combination of close embrace and salon. Their seminars, held in various countries around the world – Argentina, Europe, USA and Canada included, are held in great esteem.”

Paul Langue (The founder of El Once Tango Club, famous London Milonga and tango magazine)