“Learning is a continuous process;

and teaching is the desire to share it with others. “

Agustina Videla

Agustina is a dancer, teacher and choreographer of tango.

How dancer and teacher taught seminars in Argentina, Europe, Canada and Russia. He participated among other Festivals at the IV Tango Summit (Portugal), International Jazz Festival of Orvieto (Italy), Tango Festival of Hannover (Germany), L’ete du Tango (France), Tango Camp Festival (Sweden), Festival White Nights (Russia), Florence Tango Festival (Italy), Milongueras Nights Festival (Russia)

How choreographer developed the Tango Social Show, which was selected and produced by the Theater Complex of Buenos Aires in 2013 and since then has continued to evolve performing in the most important stages of Argentina (San Martin Theater, Kirchner Cultural Center, Festival of Tango of Buenos Aires, Theater of La Ribera).

She is currently the Artistic Director of “Social Tango Project”

The Method

“Is not in the complexity that lies the beauty,
but in the way we perform the simple moves.”

Agustina Videla

The Agustina Method is based on building a rich dance vocabulary based on simple elements. Emphasizing the quality of the movements and their connection with the melody.
Its objective is to help students capture the Essence and Magic of dancing to fully enjoy it.


Built a complex vocabulary starting from symple moves. A dance where the challenge is focus in the quality of the moves and his deep conexion with the melody.

How to achieve it

Performing a number of exercices that make possible to incorporate the mechanics of the dance as a second nature. at the same time this exercises work as the perfect vocabulary to improvise using the music as inspiration.


The goal is to became a good social dancer (that goes and enjoy dancing at Milongas!) using our energy and time in the most efficient way.

Classes and Exhibitions

Agustina resides in Buenos Aires and teaches private classes in her studio in the Belgrano neighborhood.
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